Premium Ad Formats

Reimagine your brand story with hyper-relevant, high-impact creative in deeply engaging environments across The Weather Channel and beyond.

Contextual creative makes your message as influential as the weather

Whether you’re reminding people to hydrate during a heat wave, tempting them with a tropical escape from the snow, or warning about a flu spike nearby, the ability to identify and respond to someone’s unique circumstances, in real time, helps drive brand awareness in a meaningful way.

High-impact creative from The Weather Company Premium Ad Formats portfolio drives real-time brand awareness and purchase consideration through messages that are relevant to consumers’ experiences in the moment, without relying on cookies or personal identifiers.

Sunny days ahead

Hyper-relevant weather creatives drive growth.


higher attention with integrated creatives, compared to an industry benchmark of global water brands1


higher CTR on Integrated Marquees than standard display benchmarks across all client campaigns2


higher CTR on Integrated Daily Details than standard display benchmarks across all client campaigns2


lift in-store visits with Dynamic Creative Adaptors among new customers for a QSR brand3


lift in purchase intent with Dynamic Creative Adaptors for a global water brand4

Premium advertising portfolio

Contextual, creative solutions for every business.

Integrated Marquees

Own the first impression of a critical daily habit:

  • Increase engagement by integrating your brand into The Weather Channel home screen
  • High-impact creative dynamically adapts your message based on consumers’ real-time weather and location data
  • Available on The Weather Channel app and weather.com

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Integrated Daily Details

Become part of their decision-making journey:

  • Immerse your brand in the daily forecast pages on The Weather Channel app when consumers are planning ahead
  • Contextually relevant native ad experience dynamically adapts your brand awareness message based on consumers’ forecasted weather and location data
  • Available on The Weather Channel app


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Panoramic Banners

Optimize to their device landscape:

  • Adapt your brand message across mobile devices, sizes, and resolutions, without sacrificing creative impact
  • Responsive ad unit retains creative design and aspect ratio while adjusting to consumers’ screen size
  • Available on The Weather Channel app
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Dynamic Creative Adaptors

Broaden your presence:

  • Reach your consumers where they are, without restrictions of walled gardens
  • Deliver weather messages that match the current weather, time, location, and data indices, aligning your brand dynamically with their real-time experiences
  • Available on The Weather Channel app, weather.com and across the digital ecosystem
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Connected TV (CTV) video

Meet viewers across CTV:

  • Increase awareness and contextual alignment by integrating your video message across LG’s 30M addressable U.S. Smart TVs
  • Viewable on the home screen when essential weather alerts are active in local viewing area and in 100+ LG FAST channels and partner apps with Weather Targeting
  • Available on LG CTV

The Creative Lab

Our expert designers and developers can create engaging, premium ads that bring your brand story to life. These dynamic ads are attention-grabbing with e-commerce links, videos, responsive designs, and interactive features. Deploy on The Weather Channel digital properties and across the online ecosystem.

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1 Adelaide, Q3 2023
2 Amplitude, Adobe, 2021 average
3 Foursquare Attribution Study 2021
4 Upwave, Q4 2021