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Create and publish videos and live streams from virtually any location, at any time.

Anywhere with internet access, Max Velocity is your studio

Max Velocity is a streamlined, browser-based video production tool designed to increase your creative output by enabling more team members to produce sophisticated graphics. All without needing specialized skills.

Deployed on the security-rich Max Cloud platform, this storytelling tool provides remote access to your Max system and other assets through a simplified user interface. Max Velocity can be used throughout newsrooms for more than just weather stories, including traffic, news, lifestyle, and sports.

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See how you can use Max Velocity for weather, sports, news, native sponsor segments, and more.


Remote access to TV broadcasting software

Max Velocity users can access video production tools and assets through a browser-based interface that supports the ability to produce and publish high-quality video from virtually anywhere and at any time.

Streamlined interface

The Max Velocity solution is designed to empower even novice users to build studio-quality productions.

Distribution across platforms

Published content is automatically formatted and sized for each platform to accommodate your stratified audience.

Built for security

The Max Velocity tool is deployed on the security-rich Max Cloud offering.

Key features

Tell more stories with video

Equip more members of your team–or even sponsors–with the power to create and publish video graphics without needing advanced production skills or professional hardware.

Add insights and credibility

Bring experts and sponsors on-screen from remote locations with the click of a button.

Accelerate video production

A streamlined interface pulls in existing Max content and assets to build weather, traffic, news or sports videos and live streams.

Use a distributed workforce

Users from virtually any place, and at any time, can use existing content such as Max graphics from either your station or The Weather Company.

Increase digital revenue

Create more digital video content which means more monetization opportunities and digital advertising revenue.

Success story

Produce studio-quality videos quickly and easily

Increase and accelerate storytelling by empowering your entire team to create and publish videos and live stream from virtually any location and at any time.

Maximizing video storytelling resources with Max Cloud and Max Velocity

Learn how you can multiply and maximize your storytelling resources with Max Cloud and Max Velocity.

The future of digital weather: Faster, created anywhere, by anyone

The future of digital weather is here. Watch this webinar with TVNewsCheck where we take a deep dive into our newly released product, Max Velocity.

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In the past, the tools to create high-quality videos required special training and a steep learning curve. Learn best practices for how to break down these barriers and empower users to create and publish content much more quickly.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Max Velocity?

Max Velocity is browser-based TV broadcast software that is designed to increase productivity and streamline operations by allowing any team member to produce digital stories with advanced graphics without needing specialized skills.

What is TV broadcasting software?

TV broadcasting software uses specialized graphics and content to create videos around topics such as weather, climate, traffic, news, lifestyle and sports.

What is the best tool for visual editing?

Max Velocity allows team members to rapidly create customized content from remote locations with an internet connection at any time. Max Velocity provides a streamlined interface that uses templates and station assets to produce videos. This enables your team to tell more stories quickly, increasing digital revenue and productivity.

What is TV broadcasting software for newsrooms?

Video production within newsrooms includes building weather, traffic, news or sports videos and live streams based on the needs of your station.

Does Max Velocity require any hardware?

Max Velocity is a browser-based video production tool and requires no hardware since it’s SaaS-based.

Does Max Velocity use the cloud?

Yes. Max Velocity sits on Max Cloud. The cloud allows for advanced graphics, media and other station content to be contained in a digital repository, which allows for remote access and facilitates collaboration within station workgroups.

Does Max Velocity require hiring more staff or trained professionals?

No. Although Max Velocity allows your newsroom to create and publish sophisticated graphics, it is easy to use and is integrated into your organization’s existing Max product suite, requiring no additional staff.

Do I need to learn how to use all Max products to use Max Velocity?

No. Max Velocity is a supplement to the Max product suite and doesn’t require that users know how to use the Max weather system.

How do I reach The Weather Company Customer Support team?

For linear TV product questions, call 978.983.6350, email twccustomersupport@weather.com or submit a ticket via The Weather Community.

For digital/mobile product questions, email twcdigitalsupport@weather.com.

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