Colorado Springs Panoramic with Sky + CloudsColorado Springs Panoramic with Sky + Clouds

MAXimum Earth

Differentiate local on-air experiences with stunning, realistic 3D weather map visualizations.

Turn your weather maps into accurate, realistic experiences for compelling, hyperlocal coverage

Local TV viewers expect quality from weather map content — in fact, more than 70% of a weather hit typically includes maps. MAXimum Earth includes expanded high-resolution terrain data and rendering to cover virtually every market big and small, creating dynamic map views from cities and streets to rivers and ponds and beyond. Take advantage of detailed topography to tell traffic stories, or highlight local news and sports events.

Captivate your audience

Stand out by improving the overall quality of your weather map presentation. MAXimum Earth applies new cloud-based material and 3D rendering techniques to create more detailed and engaging map views.


Differentiate your on-air look

Use MAXimum Earth to add visually stunning, realistic map-based visualizations for cityscapes or dynamic water terrain down to .5 meters, where available.

Enhance presentation value

With better handling of height data visuals, tap into increased realism, including sun positioning, dynamic shadowing, and atmospheric conditions.

Remain up-to-date

Updated maps become automatically available to you when we receive them from our partner, Mapbox. No more having to update maps every four to six years.

Key features

Best-in-class maps

Blended maps, map cutouts and a full suite of customization tools for your station map are available — you can even generate presentations in eye-popping 4K.

High-resolution insets

Dynamic shadowing and contours accurately reflect mountain ranges and crevices, as well as realistic water in lakes, rivers, and ponds.

Fully integrated into your Max ecosystem

Take advantage of our other products like Max Reality, Max Traffic and our new on-air alerting system, Max Alert Live.

Platform ready

Your Connected TV, mobile app and web platforms will have a similar look and leverage the same underlying technology as MAXimum Earth.

Let’s talk

To learn more about how MAXimum Earth can help your map presentations and weather visualizations stand out among your competitors, contact our media experts today.

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