Weather impacts everything, including you.

Weather impacts everything, including you.
There’s no denying: weather is an incredibly impactful force. It influences every person and every business on the planet. Every day. As Mother Nature becomes increasingly volatile, you need a partner you can trust and solutions that will not only help you survive, but thrive, in the face of a changing climate.

The Weather Company


meteorologists across the company drive confidence and innovation

And hold 185 patents that drive weather and societal progress

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likely to have the most accurate forecast than any other provider1

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Most Trusted Brand in the U.S2

The Weather Channel is the only tech or media brand to hold this distinction


downloaded weather app

The Weather Channel app has 3x more cumulative downloads than the closest competitor3


weather forecasts produced each day for 2.2B locations


consumers visit one of our digital properties each month4


global broadcasters use our data and visualizations to engage their audiences5


enterprise customers leverage our weather insights to drive growth


flights per day rely on us for safe passage and timing efficiencies5


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Much like the physical climate, the advertising ecosystem is facing accelerative winds of change. The cookie is finally crumbling and the regulatory landscape is more stringent than ever.

Enter weather, a privacy-forward, contextual, scaled signal that creates a unique competitive advantage for marketers because of its proven impact on consumer behavior and purchasing. Combined with AI, it can put marketers back in the driver’s seat by delivering predictive insights that power more relevant and precise campaigns—without relying on cookies.

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70% of air traffic delays are due to inclement weather, according to the American Meteorological Society, resulting in billions of dollars loss to airlines and passenger dissatisfaction. With the frequency and severity of disruptive aviation incidents, you need a weather partner you can trust.

Learn how our aviation weather forecast solutions help to improve safety, efficiency, and performance, from preflight to touchdown.

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From planning your day to staying safe in severe weather, The Weather Channel, Weather Underground, and Storm Radar are part of the daily habit for more than 50 million people a day. And with 89% of people opting-in to share their location, our consumer properties are widely trusted by users and advertisers looking for a brand-safe environment.

The Weather Channel app, our flagship brand and the most downloaded weather app, is available on iOS and Android and weather.com is available across 178 countries, 83 languages. Learn why our consumer experiences are consistently the leading source for weather–rain or shine.

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Government & Defense

The increasing intensity of global weather events makes it more difficult for government and defense personnel to plan and simulate upcoming operations effectively, potentially resulting in costly delays, equipment damage, and dangerous situations.

But when used correctly, weather can be a powerful ally. Our comprehensive, AI-powered weather modeling and simulation solutions can improve strategic decision-making by integrating highly accurate and globally scaled forecast data into government and defense planning and simulation environments, saving time, money, and precious resources.

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The #1 reason people watch local news? Weather. But in an increasingly fragmented media landscape, broadcasters need new ways to rapidly distribute and monetize content.

Combining enterprise-class production tools and visualizations with advanced weather data helps television stations produce more personalized content and seamless cross-platform experiences.


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1 ForecastWatch, Global and Regional Weather Forecast Accuracy Overview, 2017-2022, commissioned The Weather Company
2 According to a Morning Consult Q1 2024 survey, The Weather Channel brand was the #13 most trusted brand in the U.S. The surveys were conducted from January 1, 2024 through March 31, 2024, among nationally representative samples of between 1,158 and 35,280 U.S. adults.
3 According to data.ai Intelligence, The Weather Channel has been the world’s most-downloaded weather app across Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store beginning on July 4, 2010 and into 2023
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