The world’s most accurate forecaster

The Weather Company combines AI and advanced weather science with human expertise to provide the most accurate forecast available.

Better accuracy means better decisions

There’s no mistaking it–accuracy matters. In the face of growing weather volatility and a changing climate, people and businesses are relying on forecasts and weather intelligence more than ever before to make decisions. Powered by proprietary GRAF technology (Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting), The Weather Company is The World’s Most Accurate Forecaster1 and a trusted weather partner for people and businesses everywhere.

The Weather Company advantage

Our decades of meteorological expertise, deep understanding of consumer behavior, and data science proficiency are the bedrock of our business, fuel continuous innovation, and drive societal progress.

Forecasts on demand

We create our forecasts on demand, meaning they are created for the end user at the exact moment they are requested, providing the freshest and most recent information possible. No other provider offers this level of personalization.

Attention to detail

We employ a team of over 100 meteorologists – true scientists who are passionate about their craft, supported by decades of experience and meteorologic expertise.


Our meteorologists work in parallel with forecasting models and AI technology. This unique collaboration of human and machine enables speed to market, resulting in the best end-user experience and freeing people to focus on adding value and context rather than serving as information gatekeepers.

Multi-model ensemble

The Weather Company brings together a unique blend of the best forecast models, science and technology in the industry to create our forecast. Rather than relying on a singular model or approach, we leverage AI to synthesize and optimize multiple methods suited to specific forecast elements, seamlessly integrating them to create a differentiated end user experience.

Trust and transparency

We take a collaborative rather than competitive approach to forecasting, partnering with organizations like National Center for Atmospheric Research to share and improve our methodology and companies like NVIDIA to advance AI-based weather forecasting and visualization capabilities. This enables earlier and deeper access to the collective body of meteorological science and technology from all over the world.

Scientific rigor

No bandwagons here. We employ the highest industry standard in adopting new data and methods and putting them into practice. With decades of experience leveraging AI and Machine Learning in creating our forecast, you can be confident that the technology we employ truly makes a difference for the end user.

Accuracy by the numbers


more likely to be an accurate forecast, over our closest competitor


patents related to weather forecasting and technology


locations around the world with continuously updated forecasts

Not all weather forecasts are created equal

Other weather providers may claim superior accuracy, but can they prove it?

According to ForecastWatch, the premier organization for evaluating the accuracy of weather forecasts, The Weather Company is more likely to be the most accurate across all geographic regions studied (U.S., Canada, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific) and time periods covered. The conditions studied included 84 different accuracy metrics covering precipitation, temperature, cloud cover, wind and other forecast variables.

The report data also showed that the accuracy gap between The Weather Company (noted as The Weather Channel in the report) and the next best overall provider has grown larger. Since the study began, findings showed an increase from 2 times in 2017 to over 3 times more likely in 2022 to be the most accurate forecaster. Even with the addition of more weather providers studied.

No other competitors can prove their accuracy superiority. ForecastWatch is the only globally recognized measure of forecast accuracy that exists. Of all commercial weather providers, The Weather Company is the most open about what goes into our forecast, how we create it, and how that is measured. Competitors may claim accuracy, but they cannot prove it in robust, comprehensive, and open assessments like The Weather Company.

The World’s Most Accurate Forecaster

Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System (GRAF)

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1 ForecastWatch, Global and Regional Weather Forecast Accuracy Overview, 2017-2022, commissioned by The Weather Company