Max Traffic

Keep viewers interested and informed with a seamlessly integrated, live traffic and weather forecast visualization.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat with enhanced live traffic forecasting

Accelerate your reporting with a solution that integrates weather and traffic data into stunning 3D visualizations to help your audience better understand and plan their commute. The ability to predict traffic patterns and find alternate routes will help make your broadcast an important part of your audience’s morning routine.

Help your viewers keep their eyes on the road

Traffic is a top reason to watch the news. Max Traffic’s beautiful graphics help ensure viewers are watching you.


Help people plan their day

Deliver hyper-local, real-time traffic information resulting in increased audience loyalty, engagement, and sponsorship dollars.

Publish across screens

Distribute up-to-the-minute traffic reports on social, mobile and the web to expand your reach and be regarded as an essential resource.

Incorporate weather

Include weather, particularly when it impacts the morning commute, as a key differentiator in your market.

Impact of traffic reporting on viewership


of people said that traffic is the main reason to watch local news in the morning1


of people said that traffic influences which local TV station they watch each morning1


increase in ROI from traffic sponsorships due to Max Traffic technology1

Frequently asked questions

How does weather affect traffic?

Weather conditions such as rain or hail can cause delays in your audience’s daily commute, impacting their day-to-day life. That’s why it’s important to incorporate weather into your traffic broadcasts.

What is the importance of traffic graphics?

Traffic graphics help your station differentiate itself from others, and can help tie together a traffic report that keeps your audience engaged. By incorporating real-time weather data, TV stations can also showcase the impact weather has on current traffic conditions.

Does Max Traffic provide forecasts in real time?

Yes, Max Traffic provides weather and traffic forecasts in real time and on a hyper-local scale, helping to make stories more personal to your audience.

What is broadcast traffic software?

Broadcast traffic software analyzes the current traffic levels, making it easier to communicate a viewer’s commute. The right broadcast traffic software will showcase how weather impacts traffic conditions in order to put together a comprehensive traffic report.

What is real time traffic data?

Real time traffic data includes traffic reports or weather conditions that are pulled in the present to provide the most accurate traffic details.

Does Max Traffic require any hardware?

No. Max Traffic reduces the amount of hardware needed across markets, saving on cost and enabling productivity.

Does Max Traffic require hiring more staff or trained professionals?

No. While Max Traffic allows for advanced graphics and rapid production of maps in Max, it is integrated into your organization’s existing Max toolkit, requiring no additional staff.

Do I need to learn how to use all Max products to use Max Traffic?

No. Max Traffic is a supplement to the Max ecosystem, so there’s only one system to learn, and all components integrate seamlessly with each other.

How do I reach The Weather Company Customer Support team?

For linear TV product questions, call 978.983.6350, email twccustomersupport@weather.com or submit a ticket via The Weather Community.

For digital/mobile product questions, email twcdigitalsupport@weather.com.

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1 CJ&N, “Consumers and Traffic: A National Study of Attitudes and Behaviors”, December 2016