Advertising solutions that harness the power of Mother Nature

Personalized, predictive, and privacy-forward marketing strategies that drive brand engagement and growth.

Much like our physical climate, the advertising ecosystem is facing accelerative winds of change. Now’s the time to evolve your marketing strategy to change with it. We can help.

Enter Weather: The Original Influencer

Consciously or subconsciously, weather influences every aspect and decision of people’s lives–how we feel, what we try, and what we buy. As consumer sentiment shifts and brands are called to deliver tangible value rather than relying on loyalty to retain market share, those who tap into weather’s immense impact on consumer behavior, purchasing and emotion will prevail.

Weather’s impact on consumers

Nothing else impacts every person and business on the planet as consistently as weather. Over 360 million people a month, across 178 countries, rely on The Weather Channel app and weather.com to stay safe and informed.1


of women change their personal care or beauty routines as the weather changes2


in estimated ecommerce sales in the US in 2023 were influenced by weather–more than Cyber Monday3


of people adjust their health and wellness routines with the weather4

Revolutionizing the advertising industry

Privacy-forward signal

Weather data is privacy-forward, contextual, scaled signal that creates a unique alternative to third-party cookies and identifiers. Proven to drive consumer behavior and engagement, weather allows marketers to create and sustain personalized connections–all while prioritizing the consumer experience and protecting their privacy.

The Weather Channel and beyond

Whether you’re tapping into the rich environments or engaged audiences on The Weather Channels digital media properties or scaling your message across the advertising ecosystem, The Weather Company lets you be as impactful and pervasive as the weather itself. So go ahead…uncover new audience insights, tailor customer experiences, and exceed media objectives. We’ll be there to support every KPI.

Advertising solutions

Weather Targeting

Weather Targeting enables marketers to build a weather strategy that personalizes messages without using traditional identifiers–telling their stories at the most relevant moment, in near-real time, across zip codes experiencing the optimal mix of conditions that influence consumer behaviors.

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Audience Targeting

Adventure seekers. Pet lovers. World travelers. New parents. Weather plays a large part in every person’s life regardless of their interests. With a user base of 360M+, we sit on a trove of first-party data that segments our audience so marketers can connect with the people that matter most. Our privacy-forward and performant targeting solutions combine weather, AI technology, and consumer insights to deeply understand consumers, as we enter this next era of digital media.

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Premium Ad Formats

Bring a brand ethos to life and convert attention to action through powerful storytelling capabilities on The Weather Channel digital media properties and across the advertising ecosystem. By combining the influential power of weather with high-impact creative, our premium ad portfolio is proven to drive awareness and purchase consideration with hundreds of millions of people everywhere, and anywhere your audience is.

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Sponsorships across The Weather Channel app and weather.com boost full funnel brand metrics alongside personalized and action-oriented tools for all our users. We put weather into action to give your audience information and insights that help them ultimately live healthier, happier, safer, and smarter.

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Unlock the power of 1:1 brand-to-customer, digital interactions with personalized, AI-powered conversational marketing, virtually anywhere and at scale. Our award-winning solution creates memorable and engaging brand interactions by using AI to grasp user intent and offer answers, recommendations, and optimize the consumer journey throughout the funnel.

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Meet the Rainmakers

Savvy brands are already tapping into weather for a competitive edge in the impending post-cookie future.

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