Three tips for growing loyalty in any market

Powdered skin and sky-high wigs. Pencil-thin brows and a sharp bob. Red lips and victory rolls. Every era has its beauty trends that begin as aspirational and manifest as everyday.

Today, as new aesthetics go viral overnight on social media platforms, beauty brands and marketers face more competition than ever and an endless amount of voices—and beautiful faces—on every platform telling people what they should buy.

But don’t let these good looks fool you. Personal care and beauty marketers are as sharp as it gets. They see that although we live in a new era of trends and technology, a common force continues to intersect both the runways and social media subcultures alike. Instead of just chasing fads, savvy brands are now harnessing the power of weather, an influencer that has shaped personal care routines since 10,000 BCE* and still creates beauty trends in 2023. Look no further than today’s hottest weather-influenced looks – from cloud skin to “I’m Cold” makeup and Winter Gold hair.

We explored weather’s influence on the motivations and decisions of shoppers in a recent study to better understand the value of weather signals to drive purchases and loyalty in a constantly changing market.

Here’s what we found.

Brand loyalty is a thing of the past (and that’s good)

Today’s shoppers consistently change routines as they find new products, revisit OG favorites, or discover that another brand is more environmentally conscious and socially responsible. Or maybe the mood just strikes them to try something fun and different.

Regardless, change is in the air. A new consumer survey conducted by The Weather Channel shows that 74% of consumers have changed their personal care or beauty routines in the last few years. Nearly 30% have simplified their routines while one in four purchased more products online.

While keeping pace can be challenging, this high volatility is great news for agile brands as it opens the door for product experimentation and the acquisition of new customers.

But if companies aren’t effectively connecting with consumers, they risk losing out to the next upstart hungry for market share. Sixty-six percent of consumers said they are open to trying new personal care or beauty brands.

With all this change, how can brands protect their business?

Regardless of trends, weather will always drive buying decisions

Marketers can count on one thing every year—consumer routines and shopping behaviors will change every season. This is particularly true for beauty, hair care and skin care. Over 50% of shoppers say their skin and/or hair needs change with the weather.

And brands are taking notice. Top beauty retailers are dedicating pages to products shoppers prefer when searching through the lens of certain weather conditions. Number one Gen Z brand e.l.f. Cosmetics even worked with The Weather Channel to launch a “Glow Storm” campaign that leans into weather’s impact on what products people buy.

So, all brands need is to know when the weather will change, right? Easy enough.


A forecast and a calendar don’t make a weather strategy

Not an effective one, at least.

It’s not just seasonal changes that demand marketers’ attention. Day-to-day conditions like humidity, rain, and strong UV affect decision-making with 48% of people saying weather impacts daily personal care and beauty product choices. Brands should be ready to respond immediately when a sudden weather change will create a need or desire for something different.

You also need to understand that people in different areas won’t respond to weather conditions in the same way. That’s because weather is relative. For example, you might expect sunscreen sales to increase nationwide in correlation with warmer weather. But the truth is more nuanced. In Seattle, sunscreen sales increase when the weather is hotter and windier. In Chicago, a comparable uptick occurs when conditions are rainier but with similar winds to the previous year.**

Understanding these subtle nuances in weather’s impact on shoppers can lead to huge benefits. Personalizing messages based on the relative recent, current or forecasted weather for a person’s location—and even their emotional mindset in those moments—helps you understand shoppers at a deeper level, building brand preference and sustaining loyalty.

A screenshot of Meghan Trainor promoting e.l.f. Beauty in a Tik Tok post


Weather data is beautiful

Finding that healthy glow in a beauty marketing strategy isn’t just about the biggest runway shows or trending videos or celebrity endorsements, and it isn’t on just one medium. Campaigns based on weather use insights, strategy, and scale to reach their goals. On top of that, it doesn’t matter where your audience is (on apps, social, beauty sites, or even out in nature), your message will reach shoppers who want you to help them look and feel their best while respecting their privacy.

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