Drive positive brand affinity with integrated tools and experiences that empower consumers’ daily lives.

Contextual sponsorships build lifelong brand connections that deepen with each forecast

Every day, millions of people habitually use The Weather Channel digital properties for much more than checking a forecast. They come to the platform to support lifelong planning and wellness goals, stay safe and make informed decisions during severe moments, and connect to outdoor activities that bring joy and keep them moving.

The Weather Company helps brands reach audiences at scale in premium environments as they explore the content they are passionate about. We combine expertise in Al technology, weather sciences, and consumer behavior to offer unique brand sponsorships for marketers to connect with consumers on a more predictive and personal level, from sunrise to sunrise, on one of America’s most trusted destinations in digital media.1


Boost brand loyalty at scale

Reach and engage a habitual audience of over 360M monthly global active users.2

Stay top of mind

Align your brand with personalized forecasts and insights that help your audience with daily decisions while they are planning ahead.

Instill confidence

Build successful campaigns with data from the world’s leading weather provider.3

Ownable weather opportunities


Daily wellbeing

72% of people actively monitor the weather to help them manage physical ailments.4

Align your brand with forecasts and tools that help people manage their health symptoms–ranging from allergies, cold and flu, breathing, skin care, and more.

Moments that matter

90% of people say understanding the weather is an important part of their decision-making process.5

Engage people when they’re making decisions about spending their time and money, for the week ahead, the weekend, holidays, and life events.

Weather preparedness

76% of people check weather more frequently during severe weather events.6

Connect with audiences by aligning your brand with seasonal and severe weather coverage that helps them stay safe and prepared.

Get outside

89% believe weather inspires their sense of adventure, like outdoor recreation and exploring nature.7

Integrate into forecasts and experiences curated for outdoor enthusiasts–running, walking, hiking, camping, cycling, golf, tennis, gardening, and more.

Sunrise to sunrise

83% check sun and moon details on The Weather Channel app multiple times a month or more.8

Reach a highly-engaged, habitual audience that uses sun and moon information to inform daily plans for outdoor activities, balancing solar energy and mood changes, stargazing, and more.

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1  According to a Morning Consult Q1 2024 survey, The Weather Channel brand was the #13 most trusted brand in the U.S. The surveys were conducted from January 1, 2024 through March 31, 2024, among nationally representative samples of between 1,158 and 35,280 U.S. adults.
2 Based on the average of the total monthly (non-unique) users for full year 2021 across The Weather Company digital properties and consumer products (weather.com, The Weather Channel app, Weather Underground app, wunderground.com, Storm iOS app), according to The Weather Company internal data.
3 According to Comscore, The Weather Channel was the largest provider of weather forecasts worldwide (web and app) in 2022 based on the average of the total monthly unique visitors. Comscore Media Metrix®, Worldwide Rollup Media Trend, News/Information – Weather category incl. The [M] Weather Channel, The, Jan-Dec. 2022 avg
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