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Global air travel is a world of responsibility. And passenger safety is just one key part. There’s the health and profitability of your entire operation to consider. It all requires constant awareness and understanding of the weather.

Impact of weather delays


of air traffic delays are due to inclement weather1


minutes average delay2


cost per minute of delay to airlines2

Powering aviation

See how aviation solutions from The Weather Company combine inflight weather data, tracking, and decision support tools to help airlines control costs, enhance flight safety, and improve operational efficiency.


Improved safety

Ensure all personnel are up to date on the latest weather conditions pertinent to the safety of the flight.

Greater efficiency

Optimize operations with data from the world’s most accurate forecaster, utilizing industry-leading AI technology and weather science expertise.

Enhanced performance

Deliver an exceptional passenger experience on the ground, in flight, and at the destination.

Our solutions


A proactive operations management solution that provides early insight into changing flight, airport, and airspace conditions. With streamlined workflow integrations, dispatchers are able to make decisions with confidence while helping to ensure the safety and efficiency of the airline operations.

  • Manage fleet operations by exception with robust and intelligent customizable alerting
  • Monitor flight progress with ground and satellite based Continuous Global Tracking
  • Monitor aircraft taxiing with surface movement and insights from predictive analytics

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Ensure faster and more collaborative decision-making from the cockpit to the ground with innovative aviation weather briefing. Enable pilots to anticipate, visualize, and avoid disruptive weather with in-hand access to weather briefings, airspace notifications, and flight plans.

  • Increase safety by avoidance of turbulence and other enroute weather hazards
  • Improve fuel efficiency (reduce costs) by optimizing routes in real time during changing weather conditions
  • Improve on-time arrivals by helping pilots find more optimal routes

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Total Turbulence Alerting

Reduce impacts and costs related to rough air through a workflow-integrated, end to-end solution. By combining patented real-time turbulence detection, the industry’s highest resolution numerical weather modeling, EWINS-certified meteorologists, and proven delivery platforms, Total Turbulence delivers precise and actionable turbulence alerts and guidance.

  • Timely, flight-specific information of rapidly-changing, minute-by-minute conditions
  • Assists the dispatcher in ensuring the cockpit is advised of the latest weather conditions pertinent to flight safety
  • Bridges the information gap by providing real-time updates to the cockpit after takeoff and in flight

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Weather Forecast Services

Increase operational efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction with highly accurate, trusted, global weather forecasts. With FAA-approved services, in accordance with FAA EWINS guidelines, The Weather Company provides 24/7/365 expert support for advanced terminal, enroute, and irregular operations.

  • Mitigate operational delays and cancellations on the ground
  • Recover more quickly from extraordinary weather situations that may force airlines into irregular operations
  • Receive precise enroute alerts and guidance for turbulence, convective activity, icing, volcanic ash, and dust storms from our team of EWINS-certified, expert meteorologists

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