Max Sky

On-air weather graphics include realistic landscapes for a hyper-local experience.

Take viewers on a 3D graphic journey that’s like looking out the window

Max Sky uses the industry-leading GRAF model for more detailed, hyper-local landscape and weather forecast visualizations. Take your viewers on a virtual journey from day to night using detailed maps and city models as well as astronomical effects. Max Sky is packed with more than 200 cloud templates and delivers 3D weather visualizations of lightning, water, and wind streams that help create a more realistic look at the weather.

Open a window on tomorrow’s weather

See how Max Sky’s realistic weather graphics can help make your on-air weather more informative and authoritative.


Differentiate your broadcast

Use more than 200 cloud templates, advanced particle animations, and atmospheric effects.

Engage viewers

Produce weather and traffic presentations that elevate their on-air appeal.

Provide detailed realism

Render each frame in real time, creating images that project a higher level of science and accuracy.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to visualize weather forecast data?

Engaging, on-air 3D graphics help to bring weather data to life and empower meteorologists to enhance their broadcast storytelling.

What are on-air sky graphics used for?

On-air sky and cloud graphics add unprecedented realism to a weather broadcast. With Max Sky, graphic details are so refined that local landmarks are clearly visible, engaging an audience beyond the means of traditional broadcasts.

What does Max Sky use for forecasting?

Max Sky uses an enhanced version of the industry-leading Global Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting Model (GRAF) for more detailed, hyper-local forecast visualizations.

What kinds of on-air sky graphics does Max Sky offer?

Max Sky’s graphics include over 200 cloud templates, along with precipitation and lightning animations to create realistic terrain views. Advanced particle animations are capable of generating rain, sleet, snow and dramatic wind-driven precipitation. Max Sky also includes atmospheric effects like realistic lightning and can create illuminated nighttime cityscapes.

Do I need to learn how to use all Max products separately?

No, Max Sky is a supplement to the Max ecosystem, so there’s only one system to learn, and all components integrate seamlessly with each other.

Does Max Sky require any hardware?

No, Max Sky is integrated into your organization’s existing Max hardware footprint, requiring no additional hardware.

Does Max Sky require hiring more staff or trained professionals?

No, Max Sky does not require additional staff or intensive training to use, as it operates through a simple interface.

How do I reach The Weather Company Customer Support team?

For linear TV product questions, call 978.983.6350, email twccustomersupport@weather.com or submit a ticket via The Weather Community.

For digital/mobile product questions, email twcdigitalsupport@weather.com.

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