Weather Targeting

Future-proof marketing with addressable targeting solutions that put consumer privacy first.

The future of addressability starts with weather data

To thrive in the evolution of marketing, brands must go beyond cookies, to use alternative signals that illuminate and predict consumer mindset and motivation–ultimately building stronger consumer connections, even as privacy increases. More than ever, marketers need future-proof, addressable solutions.

Weather data is one of the most durable, persuasive, and globally available signals that a marketer can use to influence consumer behavior and ultimately, action. That effectiveness is, in part, why weather is estimated to add $13.5 billion in annual U.S. ecommerce activity–more than Cyber Monday1.

Weather Targeting, developed with data from the world’s most accurate forecaster2 and advanced AI technology, helps marketers create and execute strategies that anticipate and respond to consumer behaviors, mindsets, and emotions influenced by the proven and predictable impacts of weather.

Client success

Across verticals, addressable targeting with weather data drives results. From QSR to CPG, Health to Retail, clients are seeing double digit growth.3


increase in incremental visits for a quick service restaurant brand


increase in product sales for a cold and flu brand


increase in purchase intent for pharmaceutical brand

Beyond the forecast

In weather forecasting, accurate and comprehensive data is crucial, but so is an understanding of the science behind it. That’s why we consistently analyze past, present, and future environmental conditions to establish clear seasonal benchmarks. The results offer practical, relevant, and accurate insights into how weather and environmental conditions impact people’s activities, health, and purchasing decisions. This information powers cookieless, hyperlocal ads to prompt consumer action based on current or predicted weather effects on moods and behaviors. Data is updated every 15 minutes based on nuanced combinations of weather factors including:

Condition mix Temperature Season Time
Over 30 weather variables across 44,000 ZIP codes within their respective 6 seasons. Because weather is local and feels different based on location and time of year, we also divide the data into seven conditional ranges that vary by season. Normalized data based on what is considered typical for time of year in 6 “seasons.” Recent, current, forecast, and seasonal data add context. We look for both big and subtle shifts from from one point in time to another that can contribute to the experience.

Put weather to work

AI reveals insights

The Weather Company uses advanced data analytics, modeling, machine learning, and AI to analyze environmental scenarios, sales data, and anonymized third-party data. We cover over 44,000 ZIP codes in the United States with an expanding international footprint, identifying patterns in consumer behaviors.


Insights define signals

The insights developed from this data analysis reveal a dynamic picture of consumer responses to weather, to inform and create cookieless campaign signals based on those understandings.


Signals drive outcomes

These signals activate media during ideal conditions in almost real-time in ZIP codes, influencing consumer behaviors and leading to results.


The result

An automated, targeted, data solution that is predictive, privacy-forward, and accessible across the advertising ecosystem.



Maximize campaigns

Improve campaign performance against marketer KPIs.

Optimize spend

Increase return on investment and reduce media waste.

Actionable insights

Understand shifts in consumer behaviors to predict and influence needs.

Customize anonymously

Personalize messages without using cookies or traditional identifiers.

Weather strategies for all seasons

Weather Targeting activates relevant, hyperlocal ads that connect with consumers based on current or forecasted local weather signals.

Relative conditions-based

Improve message relevance by activating media on various forms of weather, including current condition mixes for inclement weather, hot and humid weather, air quality, pollen count, and more.


Influence consumer action by connecting with people during known condition mixes that align with desired behaviors, such as in-store shopping, outdoor activity, and food delivery.


Drive purchases with targeting built using third-party sales data from sources like IRI and NielsenIQ, to identify the optimal mix of conditions that lead to incremental sales at the ZIP code level.

Health and wellness-based

Leverage privacy-forward signals such as anonymized patient reports, OTC sales data, and prescription sales data from IQVIA, academic journals, medical reports, and medical claims data, to promote health and wellness.

Activate with ease across the advertising ecosystem

Advertise on The Weather Channel digital platforms and outside of walled gardens:

  • The Weather Channel mobile and desktop, including the flagship app
  • DSPs for display, video, OTT/CTV, audio
  • CTV via LG TV
  • SSPs via Magnite and Audigent
  • Search and social
  • Digital out of home (Download ad specifications)
  • Dynamic creative
  • Data partnerships

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1 Adobe Digital Economy Index 2023
2 ForecastWatch, Global and Regional Weather Forecast Accuracy Overview, 2017-2022, commissioned by The Weather Company
3 The Weather Company results from participating clients