There’s no doubt that social media has become a go-to resource for finding useful tips and new ideas for repairs and improvements around the house.

When this search happens, home improvement companies have an opportunity to join the conversation with consumers and become trusted sources of information when they’re needed most.

As STIHL introduced an innovative new line of battery-powered tools, the company wanted to show how these new chainsaws, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and more could improve and protect people’s homes and gardens.

STIHL created videos with tips, tutorials and ideas for maximizing outdoor projects and preparing their yards for different types of weather. These videos were shared on social media beginning in May and running through the end of November, a time when weather makes a serious impact on lawn and garden maintenance. Eighty percent of consumers say summer and fall weather impacts their lawn and garden projects.1

To maximize ROI, the brand needed to ensure these videos were contextually relevant at the moment that consumers saw them. After all, nobody wants to think about mowing the lawn when it’s raining.

Achieving this goal would require STIHL to reach users at a local level with advice on outdoor home projects during ideal conditions or tips on preparing for severe storms or drought conditions.



increase in video completion rates


improvement in reach


growth in clickthrough rates


increase in time spent on website


A new tool for success

STIHL launched a paid social media campaign that activated video ads during current and forecasted “Clear Skies,” “Warm & Sunny,” “No Precipitation” and “Inclement” weather conditions.

Videos were delivered based on the weather at a ZIP-code level to provide relevant, timely advice and tutorials that support consumers and local communities during key weather moments.

For example, the campaign provided planting tips during ideal weather, advice on keeping trees healthy during a drought or reminders to check for cracks in tree trunks and limbs when a storm was in the forecast.

The content also suggested specific types of STIHL equipment for different jobs, explained how to use the tools properly and helped consumers determine when they should call a professional.


Building break-through interactions with weather

By using a weather-driven social strategy, STIHL improved video completion rates by 113% when compared to the previous year. Reach also increased by 61% and clickthrough rates by 3% year-over-year.

Pre-storm weather triggers performed particularly well, increasing time spent on the brand’s website by  320% year-over-year.

STIHL can also apply the insights gained from this campaign to improve future marketing efforts.

About STIHL Incorporated

Located in Virginia Beach, Va., STIHL Inc. is the U.S. affiliate of the global STIHL Group–a German manufacturer of outdoor power equipment founded in 1926. STIHL products sold in America are available via a network of more than 10,000 authorized local STIHL Dealers from coast to coast—not big-box stores.

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1 The Weather Company Fall 2022 Behavior Survey, July 2022; The Weather Company Summer 2022 Behavior Survey, Feb 2022