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Harness the predictive power of weather

Today’s weather is more volatile than ever. In 2023 alone, Southern California saw its first tropical storm in 80 years, New York City experienced “hazardous” levels of air quality from Canadian wildfire smoke, and July was Earth’s hottest month on record. Given the changing environmental conditions, now is the time to use the world’s most accurate forecaster1 and its predictive power to influence business strategies across industries, including marketing, insurance, auto, aviation, media, and more.

Introducing the Weather Engine, an enterprise level offering that scales weather intelligence and insights through the application of large-scale data analytics, machine learning, and AI to data sets, producing actionable insights for the entire organization, resulting in lowering costs, increasing revenue, and ultimately driving growth.

No matter the weather or environmental conditions, businesses now can use weather as a competitive advantage. The insights derived from the Weather Engine can be used across enterprise B2B and B2B2C. It can be easily ingested into internal data systems via API, like Salesforce and Tableau, as well as leveraged in a consumer-facing scenario, like a mobile app, to better connect with a business’s customer base.


The Weather Engine is built from superior weather intelligence and a long-standing expertise of weather’s proven impact on consumers and businesses.

Most accurate and trusted

World’s most accurate forecaster1 and 3x more likely to have the most accurate forecast than any other provider. One of America’s Top 10 Most Trusted Brands.2

Meteorological and data science expertise

100+ meteorologists and data scientists work in parallel with advanced forecasting models and AI technology. Quality and context remains our top priority.


Weather data built upon proprietary GRAF technology, updated hourly with high precision. In combination with high quality, industry-specific, licensed data and customers’ first-party data.

Built on AI and machine learning

Powered by contemporary machine learning techniques, specifically LLMs, supervised learning, and reinforced learning, to create most actionable predictions of impact of weather.

Success story

National pharmaceutical retailer found estimated $257 million in weather-impacted sales

The Weather Company partnered with a leading pharmaceutical retailer to uncover the impact of weather on its sales via the Weather Engine custom modeling approach. In this beta partnership, The Weather Engine custom modeling with the client’s sales data proved better performance and stronger correlation vs. standard models based on 3rd party or public data sources. Specifically, the highest correlation was found in the cosmetics, cold remedies, pain relievers, and allergy remedies sales categories. The retailer can now leverage these insights across internal business optimization processes and consumer-facing marketing touch points.

Estimated financial impact:

  • $90M overall weather impact of allergy remedies: 15% of $0.6B a year
  • $55M overall weather impact of Cosmetics: 5% of $1.1B a year
  • $112M overall weather impact of Cold Remedies: 8% of $1.4B a year
Hand picking medication off a pharmacy shelf.

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1 ForecastWatch, Global and Regional Weather Forecast Accuracy Overview, 2017-2022, commissioned by The Weather Company
2 According to a Morning Consult May 2023 survey, The Weather Channel brand was the #9 most trusted brand in the US. The surveys were conducted from March 3, 2023 through April 3, 2023, among a nationally representative sample of 799 to 8,434 U.S. adults.