Weather modeling, visualization, and simulation platforms purposefully designed for the defense industry

Improve your planning, operations, process decisions, and outcomes.

Global weather events are becoming more intense, threatening the ability of military personnel to plan military operations effectively.

Climate readiness is mission readiness

To save time, money, equipment, and other precious resources, those in defensive analysis, planning, and simulations must be able to incorporate globally scaled, highly accurate weather data into innovative, integrated defense planning and simulation environments.

Combining highly accurate forecast data with AI technology, weather modeling, visualization, and simulation solutions from The Weather Company can help defense personnel make weather a powerful ally.

Weather vulnerability and the Defense industry


of U.S. military facilities are vulnerable to extreme weather and climate risks1


cold-weather injuries to soldiers occurred from 2013 to 20212

Accuracy matters

Accessible, accurate, and actionable weather data and visualizations can increase mission success, reduce costs, and protect lives.



Combines weather modeling, visualization, and simulation to refine and improve scenario requirements and potential outcomes.


Allows trainees to practice working in different scenarios and environmental conditions.


Uses realistic simulation of an armed conflict to predict the possible impacts of weather on land, air, and sea operations.


Provides insight and expertise on foreign military capabilities and defense issues to help soldiers, policymakers, acquisition executives, and defense planners understand current and future threats facing our nation and its allies.

Defense industry solutions

Weatherverse PlannerTM

Monitor the forecast for military locations and operations to help personnel increase success by better assessing the weather’s impact on operations, mission planning, and critical logistical processes anywhere in the world.

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Weatherverse SimTM

Improve decisions by incorporating actual weather conditions from anywhere in the world into synthetic environments at high resolution for more effective training and planning scenarios.

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