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Weatherverse SimTM

Enhance training and planning simulations, improve operational effectiveness, reduce monetary losses, and preserve precious resources.

Make weather a powerful ally with 3D weather maps

Military operations rely heavily on accurate weather forecasts to inform strategic decisions about plans and tactics. But traditional weather visualizations can be limited in scope, accuracy, and the ability to support “what-if” analysis for various scenarios that could affect operational success. To avoid these risks and improve planning capabilities, military personnel need more realistic and detailed weather visualizations to provide a more complete picture of the potential impacts of weather on a mission.

Weatherverse Sim generates highly detailed, visual and non-visual (wind, turbulence, etc.) weather elements at ground and sky elevations using 3D weather maps to deliver the ultimate simulation of climate and its impacts. Improve mission planning by adjusting weather intensity for factors such as stronger wind, more rain, less cloud coverage, and more, to simulate countless combinations of conditions that a unit might face in the field.

Take your training and planning simulations to the next level

Realistic 3D weather map visualizations and accurate data allow users to conduct “what-if” climate scenarios and optimize operations.


Increase mission success

by bringing actual current and forecast conditions into simulations to better assess and prepare for the likely impact of weather.

Reduce losses

of equipment, money, and lives by allowing analysis of “what-if” weather scenarios for ground and air operations with probabilistic guidance.

Enhance future training and planning

by recording, editing, and reviewing different simulations so users can make adjustments and improve likely outcomes.

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