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Weatherverse PlannerTM

Enhance mission-critical decision-making with tailored weather logistics and custom climate visuals.

Better data. Better decisions. Better outcomes.

Weather plays a critical role in all aspects of military operations. A sudden change in conditions can quickly reduce the effectiveness of even the best-laid plans, compromising the safety of military personnel and the success of the mission. To improve planning and tactics, decision-makers need accurate, near-real-time weather forecasts and visualizations.

The intuitive Weatherverse Planner platform continuously monitors the forecast to help military personnel better assess the impact of weather logistics on operations, mission planning, and critical strategic processes anywhere in the world. It’s high-resolution, highly accurate, global forecast data you can trust when it matters most.

Increase accuracy and improve outcomes

Identify how the weather will affect various aspects of military operations, including artillery, aviation, communications, infantry, armor, air defense, special operations, and more.


High-resolution, global weather data

from the world’s most accurate forecaster.1

Customized map visualizations

that help decision-makers recognize the impact of weather on operations.

Automatic surfacing of weather alerts

that could affect mission operations and objectives without needing meteorologist oversight.

Clear view of the influence of current and future weather

on operational and mission assets across all domains.

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