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CVS came to The Weather Company looking to reach and engage consumers in high-risk flu areas to drive flu shot vaccinations and help people on their path to better health.

With millions of Americans at risk of contracting the flu, CVS’s sponsorship of the AI-enabled Flu Insights with Watson tool on The Weather Channel app was the perfect remedy for CVS to drive contextual relevance and effectively connect with consumers when and where it mattered.


To reach and engage users in a contextually-relevant environment during the height of flu season, CVS sponsored the Flu Insights with Watson tool on The Weather Channel app. Through the use of predictive illness data, CVS was able to drive awareness and engagement—ahead of the CDC-reported flu risk—and educate on their expertise in flu prevention in the moments that mattered.

The Flu Insights with Watson sponsorship included a Flu Details Page that served as a hub for flu-related tips and content, localized flu insights, and contextual alerts that prompted user action.

With their Flu Insights with Watson sponsorship on The Weather Channel app, CVS reached millions of consumers in critical planning moments:

  • Over 42M unique visitors
  • 644M total ad impressions served
  • 120%+ internal benchmark CTR for dynamic creative ad units
  • CVS-provided Flu Prevention Tips in a contextually relevant module that drove exceptional engagement, with “Find Your Local CVS” messaging converting over 77% of module clicks

CVS’s Flu Insights with Watson campaign has been recognized for the following industry awards:

  1. IAC Awards: Best Healthcare Online Ad
  2. REGGIE Awards: Innovative Use of Marketing Technology
  3. Festival of Media Global Awards: Best Use of Digital Media – Mobile

2 phones displaying The Weather Channel app with CVS as sponsor of the Flu Forecast



unique visitors


total ad impressions served


internal benchmark CTR for dynamic creative ad units

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About CVS

CVS Pharmacy, Inc. is an American retail corporation. A subsidiary of CVS Health, it is headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Originally named the Consumer Value Stores, it was founded in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1963.

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