The competition in the HIV health care provider (HCP) space is growing

For ViiV Healthcare UK Limited—a pharmaceutical company dedicated to HIV medicines and research—this increasing number of competitors created a challenge in connecting to HCPs with relevant messages about its Dovato prescription regimen.

To achieve the company’s stated goal of leaving no person living with HIV behind, the company needed to connect with HCPs in a meaningful way.


Connecting with healthcare providers through predictive AI and dynamic creative ad experiences

ViiV Healthcare is committed to innovation and thrives on finding new ways to solve challenges.

The company worked with CMI Media Group to increase awareness and consideration of their Dovato HIV treatment through a first-in-pharma partnership with The Weather Company Advertising Accelerator and programmatic partner Lasso, an IQVIA business.

Deployed on the Lasso operating system for healthcare marketing and analytics, this new dynamic creative solution combines AI technology and near real-time data points to predict which creative elements—including copy, images and even colors—will resonate best with specific HCPs based on what those users are doing at the moment.

The technology uses ad templates and elements pre-designed in collaboration with CMI Media Group and The Weather Company to focus on data, tools and HCP perspectives. When an HCP sees an ad, the solution automatically assembles and presents the creative elements that are likely to have the most impact on that unique user.

Privacy is important to everyone, including healthcare providers. This new solution enables ViiV to target HCPs without needing cookies or traditional identifiers. Instead, The Weather Company Advertising Accelerator uses privacy-forward signals such as location, local weather, time, day of the week, behavioral data, site navigation, operating device and how the user interacts with messages to determine which combination of elements will be most effective.

This solution also learns over time which elements are most effective based on the data and adjusts future ad experiences appropriately. ViiV Healthcare can apply these insights to improve future campaigns.



CTR which was more than 40% over the ViiV Healthcare benchmark


CTR increase over the course of the campaign


conversion rate to ViiV Healthcare’s websites, over 151% higher than previous rates


Exceeding benchmarks through privacy-forward personalization

With this new approach to dynamic creative ads, ViiV Healthcare achieved a CTR of .14%, which was 40% over the set benchmark. The CTR steadily increased over the duration of the campaign due to the impressive ability of The Weather Company Advertising Accelerator to learn what’s working for different users and optimize appropriately.

These personalized creative ads also significantly impacted the company’s back-end performance by yielding a conversion rate of 5.81%, which is 151% higher than the company’s Goal Conversion Rate before the campaign.

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About ViiV Healthcare

Founded in 2009 as a joint venture by Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, ViiV Healthcare UK Limited is a pharmaceutical company specializing in the development of therapies for HIV infection. Based in the United Kingdom, ViiV Healthcare is also partially owned by Shionogi.

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