Sunrise to sunrise, weather influences our lives every day. For some, the weather determines if they can work outside or the best time to go for a run. For others, the weather affects how they manage their seasonal affective disorder or when to stock up on allergy medication. Checking the weather forecast isn’t just a daily habit, it’s a life habit.

As the world’s most accurate forecaster overall,1 we have a front-row seat to how changing weather is impacting consumers’ lives. Tornado alley has widened2, allergy “season” is longer3, and daily high-temperature records continue to be broken4. In fact, did you know that 2023 was the earth’s warmest year on record?5 As a result, consumer needs are changing and the utility of weather in our lives needs to reflect these realities. We knew we must provide more to our 360 million+ average global monthly users.6

A tool for more than just every day—but every lifestyle

Together, with input from our audience, we set out to reimagine a weather experience that better anticipates users’ needs and delivers personalized insights in the moments that matter—from informing consumers about conditions that can affect breathing in their area to how to maximize time outdoors. Our ambition? To create a seamless, intuitive user experience, getting people what they need quickly within a modernized design that is as inspiring as it is functional.

We re-examined the tone of our experience as well. More than 80% of  surveyed respondents reported they agreed that weather influences their moods and emotions, and 67% noted that weather impacts their physical health.7 While we will always prioritize safety during severe weather moments, we felt compelled to surface moments of good as well. Not only telling customers that it’s going to rain, but also when their next sunny day is. We wanted to offer more of a balance between critical severe weather information and insights into how weather can impact their passion points like wellness, travel, pets, gardening and more. Ultimately giving people information to help them live smarter and happier lives.

This approach created a distinct challenge—in which we needed to personalize an individual’s unique, hyperlocal interests and must-haves, while simultaneously being a trusted resource for more than 45 million daily visitors who visit our digital properties, on average8. Especially for our mobile app audience who visits an average of 28 times a month9. Solving this issue wouldn’t be possible without our combination of data with AI technology to quickly determine the most impactful information.

Basic weather data continues to proliferate. Thanks to the increased accessibility of AI, we’re seeing more businesses enter the weather sector. But not all weather providers are created equal—that’s where The Weather Company’s decades of meteorological expertise, deep understanding of consumer behavior, and data-science proficiency in uncovering insights pay off. In a world where seasonal norms are being upended and many consumers prioritizing their wellness10, accuracy and trust have never mattered more.

The intersection of consumer and marketer needs

Weather isn’t the only changing element. We’re all experiencing the unique transformation underway in marketing and media, one that aims to consider consumers’ privacy—a shift I applaud. Weather, as a digital consumer experience and data signal, provides marketers with contextual, timely and privacy-forward data that is necessary to navigate this new advertising paradigm.

While reimagining our consumer weather experience, we thought hard about the unique intersection we occupy between consumers and marketers. This app creates spaces for more storytelling freedom, a canvas that enables marketers to align their stories with the unique, weather-related needs of millions of consumers.

We focused on elevating and modernizing our advertising integrations that contextualize a brand’s message to specific consumer needs. Whether it’s capturing the first impression of the day as users are in a planning mindset with our Integrated Marquee or creating a deeper connection through wellness experiences like our Allergy Forecast, every integration is built from a consumer-first perspective.

Welcome to The Weather Channel’s fully reengineered flagship app

As we all look to the future, cookieless targeting solutions will only increase in importance. Given the reach and frequency of The Weather Channel digital properties, and its recognition as one of America’s most trusted brands,11 our suite of data-targeting solutions is designed to help mitigate the risk many brands are up against. From a robust weather-targeting suite to contextual signals like health or travel and first-party audiences like pet owners, parents and new homeowners, our goal is to help marketers succeed in the short-term and long-term.

We can’t escape the changing atmosphere of our earth or our industry. Keeping pace with the weather means keeping pace with consumer needs at any given moment. The relaunch of The Weather Channel app is the first evolution of an engaging experience that can empower people to thrive amidst increasingly volatile weather, and propels brands to succeed within a shifting advertising landscape.

We welcome you to experience the next chapter of weather with us and enjoy the next sunny day to its fullest. Download the new app for iOS in the Apple App Store and Android later this year.

It’s Dynamic. Bold. Personal. I’d love to hear if you feel the same.

To learn more, visit our press release.

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