The Weather Company and SkyPath partnership keeps growing stronger with the rollout of new features into both Pilotbrief and Fusion products. These enhancements help air carriers tap into SkyPath’s crowdsourced turbulence data, so they’re better able to predict, prevent, and mitigate the impact of intensifying clear air turbulence.

The growing challenge of turbulence

Recent studies tell us severe clear air turbulence (CAT) has jumped by 55% in the last 40 years due to intensifying climate change.1 This rise in turbulence adds up to more injuries to passengers and crew, as well as costs for things like injury damages, aircraft maintenance, and fuel consumption.

SkyPath integration with Pilotbrief and Fusion

Not only does the partnership produce live, crowdsourced turbulence data, it offers airlines the tools they need for an impactful turbulence mitigation strategy. In 2023, SkyPath observed 1.4 billion turbulence reports, so integrating this data into existing EFB and dispatch solutions can equal significant results. The integration of this data set within the TWC suite of aviation products will allow airlines to quickly obtain the best situational awareness possible for efficient and decisive decision making.

Looking at five years of real-world air carrier data—over one million flights—clearly shows that data-powered solutions can reduce turbulence-related injuries to flight attendants by 40-50%, and mean cost savings of close to $10M per year from injury damages alone.2

Features for a smoother and safer journey

SkyPath’s real time data set matched with Fusion’s manage-by-exception workflow enables teams to focus on upcoming impacts to flights. Pilotbrief and Fusion put timely, accurate turbulence data into the tools pilots and dispatchers use daily. To be or not to be seated: they’ll get live notifications of upcoming turbulence, which makes them better equipped to plan and react in real-time, like turning on the fasten seatbelt sign in advance or navigating around turbulence.

Users can also view SkyPath turbulence reports inside a vertical profile, which makes navigating through turbulence at any stage of the ride simple, intuitive, and best of all, safe.

AI + machine learning = a new frontier for ride quality

SkyPath covers 100% of the globe with its AI-based turbulence forecast (“Nowcast”) which boasts an impressive 90% accuracy. It’s no doubt a game-changer, connecting real-time turbulence observations by the SkyPath iPad algorithm with meteorological parameters, and advanced machine learning to predict short-term turbulence for up to six hours. The combination of SkyPath’s data with TWC’s GRAF turbulence forecasting allows for a unified picture of turbulence risks associated with safe travel.

To learn more about SkyPath’s integrations with Pilotbrief and Fusion, register today for our joint webinar, July 11, 10 a.m. EST.

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