Editor’s Note: Welcome to the first installment of The Weather Company’s Forecast Multipliers series, where top marketing leaders share career advice, a POV on hot topics in their category, and how to build a successful weather strategy.

When you think of e.l.f., what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s their accessible, often viral products for every eye, lip and face. Or, maybe you envy their relevance with Gen Z, fueled by witty social campaigns like the recent collaboration with buzzy brands and celebs like Liquid Death or Jennifer Coolidge (#dolphinskin).

However e.l.f. pops for you, one thing is clear: they’ve figured some things out in the marketing department. We sat down with Patrick O’Keefe, VP of Integrated Marketing Communications, for a candid conversation on his career and time at the cosmetics leader. Leading a dynamic team in paid, earned, and owned media, as well as immersive, experiential, and entertainment marketing, Patrick’s journey is filled with unexpected turns and rich experiences, offering valuable insights into the beauty industry and beyond.

From Mickey to military

Patrick’s professional journey began with a Disney internship, which profoundly influenced his career path. This whimsical start quickly shifted when he enlisted in the Air Force. From there, Patrick’s career took another turn when he joined association management firm, Smith Bucklin and Associates, which ultimately introduced him to the beauty industry. His next stops at Ketchum PR and major beauty brands like L’Oréal (14 years) and Shiseido (7 years) further honed his expertise, eventually leading him to e.l.f. We asked Patrick if he had any career advice. Here’s what he had to say:

Showing up and connecting deeper

Patrick emphasized that community is at the heart of e.l.f.’s marketing strategy. He explains, “We listen, we learn, and we lean in.” Clearly, it pays off: this approach has driven the success of numerous campaigns, including the launch of their Bronzing Drops and the Jelly Pop line.  Hear more on what Patrick describes as “the center of our universe”:


By engaging with the community at every level, from TikTok Lives with the CEO to crowd-sourcing product feedback via creators, e.l.f. has fostered a deep connection with its audience. Patrick shared a few examples of bringing products to life with the help of their loyal community:

Taking big swings

Chances are, you’ve noticed e.l.f.’s uncanny knack for tapping into the cultural zeitgeist. The brand is known for its bold marketing strategies that start with an insight and scale through unexpected partnerships—like their recent Super Bowl commercial with Jennifer Coolidge that boosted e.l.f.’s Power Grip Primer to the top SKU in mass beauty. But it’s not just trial and error driving their approach; it’s taking calculated risks that stay true to the brand’s ethos of inclusivity and empowerment, every time. Patrick weighed in on the campaign:

Insights equal disruption

Another standout campaign from e.l.f. near and dear to our hearts: the hilarious “Glow Storm” campaign starring Meghan Trainor that leveraged weather as the insight that started it all. It resonated deeply with consumers, generating 5.7 billion PR impressions by leaning into humor and narrative-driven storytelling. Patrick shares how it came to life through an insights-driven marketing approach and how weather supercharged the campaign:


In fact, Patrick found the insights so powerful, they’ve changed his conversation with every agency on marketing efforts going forward:

Words of wisdom

Patrick is not only passionate about the work e.l.f. does, but also the values they stand for. “It all starts with a framework. We’re bold disruptors with a kind heart. We disrupt norms, we shape culture, and we connect communities… That’s the framework in which we operate everything we do, including people we hire. Whomever we work with has to be part of the spirit of the e.l.f. ethos,” he adds.

Patrick’s journey from Disney intern to marketing leader at e.l.f. underscores the importance of flexibility, lifelong learning, and the power of leaning into community-centric marketing. We can’t wait to see how e.l.f. continues to innovate, inspire, and connect with audiences. Patrick is eager to keep on showing us.

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