This is an on-going blog. If you did not read the first installment, you can find it by clicking here. Otherwise, let’s continue with the second update. For this installment, we will be talking about Max Velocity’s mini-control-room-like capabilities that are going to shape the next generation of weathercasting and news coverage.

A screenshot of collaboration using Max Velocity

As broadcasters, you work and live where most of your viewers are, unlike the big new competitors. You have domain knowledge that no one else has. Max Velocity is going to redefine working from the edge. The ”new edge” will be right at the weather event, hearing directly from an expert or spotter, or even folding in your sponsors (they are experts too).

Broadcasters’ strength is local knowledge and Max Velocity will help build an even bigger moat by redefining local. Max Velocity has been designed to work from anywhere and to make it easy to include new storytellers.

Conversational information is more compelling

Information is more interesting when it’s conversational. Instead of having someone talk at me, it’s more interesting when I hear two people having a conversation. This kind of banter not only draws you in, but it can also keep you around longer. And not only can Max Velocity be used from anywhere, it makes it easier to include guests that can also be anywhere. Imagine pulling in a spotter that is in the bullseye for a Nor’Easter. You give the story context, and you can build a loyal viewer that will be your station’s biggest advocate for years to come. Everyone wins.

Experts help you build a bigger “local moat”

We have made it easy to bring experts into your story. Maybe a recent snowstorm increased the chances of avalanches. You can do a weather story for the ever-growing audience of backcountry skiers. You tell the weather story and then fold in the avalanche snow ranger working up in Tuckerman Ravine. You can take that even further by giving the snow ranger a guest recorder license for Max Velocity and have them create backcountry ski reports. You have what these storytellers want: reach. In turn, they can give you ”free content” that can help you capture new audiences and even better, represent new monetization opportunities. With Max Velocity and its ease-of-use, imagine the army of storytellers you can build; you are only limited by your imagination.

Let’s take a deeper look at these new Max Velocity workflows from our clients’ perspective.

Ashton Altieri, Morning Meteorologist of KCNC-TV, CBS4 Denver says, “Max Connect has offered our weather team the ability to control weathercasts far from the studio for several years. Max Velocity takes remote weather to the next level by giving us the ability to control and create content for any platform from virtually anywhere. Max Velocity can remove the anxiety many broadcast meteorologists feel when broadcasting away from the television station because up until now, there has not been an easy way to build and update content in real-time as the weather changes. Combine that capability with the ease of recording and publishing content to our other platforms between on-air hits, Max Velocity should be a no-brainer for any station serious about owning weather in the market.”

Tim Heller, Meteorologist and Talent Coach at HellerWeather says, “Right now, a lot of broadcast meteorologists use several pieces of software to produce weather content outside of the studio. Max Velocity does it all with a simplified workflow that combines all the necessary tools in one easy-to-use interface. That flexibility opens up the opportunity for weather teams to produce, publish, and post anytime, anywhere.

Today’s consumers expect their favorite weather team to be on-air and/or online whenever disruptive weather threatens their neighborhood. Max Velocity allows broadcast meteorologists to produce quick weather updates using a laptop, featuring some of the same data they use in the studio every day.”


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