As head of aviation for The Weather Company, Ravi Vanmali oversees the team responsible for helping airlines improve operations with inflight weather data, tracking, and decision support. The Weather Company has been a leader in aviation forecasting for over 40 years, providing most North American and many global airlines with aviation meteorologists, real-time forecasts, turbulence reports, weather modeling, and actionable alerts to help plan flights, enhance safety, and improve efficiency.

Prior to joining The Weather Company, Ravi was managing director of operations strategy, data and innovation at Delta Airlines. While there, he worked with business unit leaders and IT to leverage analytics, optimization, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and simulation tools to enable Delta’s competitive advantage in operational reliability.

With more than 15 years in the industry, Ravi has held leadership roles directly running airline operations and driving positive, measurable impact across teams, including meteorology, the operations customer center, airport operations, crew, maintenance, analytics, and advanced digital technologies.

Most notably, he was responsible for the strategy that led to using crew optimization technology at scale that enabled 7.5X faster throughput and recorded high operational performance. He’s also held senior leadership and advisory roles in various entrepreneurial ventures in the commercial real estate, hospitality, and food and beverage industries.

Ravi received his MBA from Georgia State University with a concentration in operations management and his bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Ravi is naturally curious and enjoys traveling and life-long learning. He enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his wife and son.