Cross-platform media solutions for the ultimate viewer experience

Engage audiences on the go with professional weather and traffic software, graphics, and data.

With so many new competitors in the media space, capturing your audience’s attention can be more challenging than ever. To stand out, stations must tap into local knowledge and meet their audience where they are with relevant weather information.

Break through with professional weather software and eye-catching, local graphics

Combining enterprise-class production tools and visualizations with advanced weather data helps local stations produce more personalized weathercasts for a seamless and informative experience across platforms. Whether it’s on television or a mobile device, The Weather Company media solutions will help engage your audience throughout the day and on the go.

Weather: the most valued
topic in media


reason people watch local news is for weather1


of people say weather information is important for daily life1

The Weather Company advantage

See how our data and visualizations help you keep audiences safe, build a loyal viewer base, and ensure operational efficiency.


Building and engaging audiences

Captivating, cross-platform weather and traffic visualizations.


A variety of sponsorship and advertising revenue opportunities.

Driving efficiency

Automated, personalized, digital content based on weather and traffic events.

Ensuring safety

World’s most advanced weather forecasting system using AI and Internet of Things (IoT) data.

Broadcast TV solutions

Max Storm

Whether on-air or across digital platforms, Max Storm is designed to empower your team with the stunning visualizations, accurate data and streamlined workflows that are crucial during severe weather coverage. Take viewers into the storm in near real-time with 3D imagery and advanced radar data.

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Max Sky

Take viewers on a 3D graphic journey with Max Sky. Max Sky is the first product on the market to use an enhanced version of the industry-leading GRAF forecast model for more detailed, hyper-local landscape and weather forecast visualizations. Take your viewers on a virtual journey from day to night using detailed maps and city models as well as astronomical effects.

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Max Reality

Harness the power of advanced, weather augmented reality with Max Reality. Viewers have shifted to mobile for news and information. You need to get them back with weather and traffic presentations they can only see on the big screen. Max Reality visualizes weather data in a whole new way, using advanced augmented reality technology to create dynamic, 3D images of storms and atmospheric events that make even routine weather look fascinating.

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Max Studio

Deliver a more dynamic presentation with Max Studio. Put the tools your talent needs at their fingertips so they can stay on camera when it matters most. Featuring  Max Studio’s Patented MagicTRAK technology, Max Studio is available right at your talent’s chroma key or touchscreen, so they can always remain on camera, even during breaking weather coverage.

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Max Alert Live

Grab viewers’ attention with severe weather alerts powered by Max Alert Live. Using direct integration with the National Weather Service, Max Alert Live helps you get to air first during severe weather by automatically breaking down watch and warning data with county-by-county radar images and detailed information.

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Max Connect

See the interactive radar weather maps audiences see in near-real time with Max Connect. Enable your on-air talent to interact with show elements in near-real time by using an award-winning iPad-based app. A specialized and highly-intuitive interface allows broadcasters to control and visualize what the audience will see right from the palm of their hand.

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MAXimum Earth

Engage local viewers with more detailed and exciting map views, especially in 3D, across all platforms to tell relevant traffic, events, or sports stories. MAXimum Earth automatically updates to help you captivate audiences and differentiate your on-air look with a shaper window into their local area, including stunning, high-resolution topography down to the street level, water terrain, and beyond.

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Digital solutions

Max Mobile

Expand your digital presence, drive revenue and engage with audiences on the go with Max Mobile. Capture your growing mobile audience, enabling your talent to use their expertise to tell weather and traffic stories as only they can, with local knowledge and perspective that national apps can’t match.

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Max Web

Easily customizable weather widgets from Max Web keep visitors coming back. Integrate plug-and-play tools and interactive content into your website to display powerful weather data that attracts viewers and advertisers. Harness the power of accurate, reliable weather forecasts with customizable widgets that reflect your brand while helping you better inform your audience.

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Max Social

Add a fresh perspective to your broadcast with social weather from Max Social. Upload your content to Facebook, X, and Instagram without leaving the Max platform. Turn likes into loyalty and drive ad revenue. Incorporate comments, photos, and videos from your audience to help them feel as if they’re part of your team.

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Max Velocity

Anywhere with internet access, Max Velocity is your studio. Max Velocity is a streamlined, browser-based video production tool that is designed to increase your creative output by enabling more team members to produce sophisticated graphics without needing specialized skills.

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Drive audience engagement, improve production efficiency, and increase profitability on digital platforms with ReelSphere. Using AI, ReelSphere rapidly automates the creation of hyperlocal weather video content for all digital platforms, including CTV/OTT, with minimal meteorologist oversight.

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API packages

Access our essential, accurate, and dependable weather data to help ensure your station, and viewership, stays informed and makes fact-based decisions. Select the advanced API package to take advantage of insightful lifestyle indices in addition to customizable forecast data available in the basic package.


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Cross-platform solutions

Max Cloud

Take your weather to the cloud: Max Cloud. Max Cloud is built to drive collaboration across your organization by delivering the functionality, advanced graphics and rapid production of Max with the availability, scalability and security-rich environment of the IBM Cloud.

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Max Engage

Enhance mobile broadcast storytelling and be the first to air with Max Engage. The weather audience’s experience is changing in a big way. Augmented intelligence (AI) and automation are taking massive leaps forward in the detection of weather and traffic conditions and going beyond what is humanly possible. Max Engage enhances your storytelling and powers capabilities in this new cognitive era of broadcasting, so your station will not be left behind.

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Traffic solutions

Max Traffic

Put yourself in the driver’s seat with Max Traffic enhanced live traffic forecasting. Accelerate your reporting with a solution that integrates weather and traffic data into stunning 3D visualizations to help your audience better understand and plan their commute. The ability to predict traffic patterns and find alternate routes will help make your broadcast an important part of your audience’s morning routine.

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Frequently asked questions

What is weather software?

Weather software helps meteorologists collect, process, analyze, and present weather data in a way that is easy to understand and engaging for an audience.

What are the main types of broadcast media?

The main types of broadcast media include television, radio, and the internet, which can include live services such as streaming.

Which software is used for weather forecasting?

In terms of weather forecasting, meteorologists will use tools such as weather radar, balloons, and AI. Meteorologists will also use high-quality graphics, alerts, and weather display software to communicate this information. These tools help collect, process, and analyze weather data while also transforming it into something that can be disseminated to the public through various broadcast methods.

What software do TV stations use?

TV stations will often use broadcast software to design, create, manage, store, upload and publish news and weather updates. These broadcast stories can include traffic, severe weather, and election coverage.

What software do meteorologists use for weather?

News stations use video editing software to facilitate the distribution of content across a wide variety of channels. Cloud-based tools can help broadcasters create remote productions, regardless of location. Weather graphics and map visualization software can also be important tools in producing an engaging broadcast.

What broadcast media platforms does The Weather Company offer?

Through its Max product suite, The Weather Company provides solutions to help station groups communicate important updates through TV broadcasting tools, automated weather alerts, high-end graphics, mobile apps and more.

What are recent broadcast media trends?

Recent broadcast media trends include a shifting focus on OTT platforms and a growing interest in platforms that utilize AI and the cloud to drive increased efficiency.

Do I need to learn how to use all Max products separately?

No. Each component of Max is a supplement to the overall Max ecosystem, so there’s only one system to learn, and all components integrate seamlessly with each other.

What is the most accurate weather software?

The Weather Company is the world’s most accurate weather broadcaster overall, according to a 2017-2022 study from ForecastWatch: Global and Regional Weather Forecast Accuracy Overview, 2017-2022, commissioned by The Weather Company.

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1 Pew research survey conducted October 15-November 8, 2015